What’s the New Norm?

Here’s Team Ten X’s take on what the “New Norm” is going to be like:

During Movement Control Order (Extended Version):

#1 – People will “appear” late for work or miss work more often with the Darnest excuses. There’s no more traffic to blame or that darn radiator or even that “migraine” that kept you in bed…hrmmmm

#2 – Will the term Work-Life Balance go away? Not sure about this one..I mean we are all at home all the time now right? Life-Work Balance anyone?

#3 – New Reason for missing work – “WIFI provider was having network issues, couldn’t login in to the video call..sorry”

#4 – Extended leave reason – “WIFI provider had one of their fibre optic cables destroyed in the Indian Ocean..sorry (1-week network down). Maybe Network Providers can come up with a “ticket number checking system” so when employees submit their WIFI Problem ticket numbers, a quick check can be done? Lol..too much work…

#5 – Student’s can’t take tests anymore? How “secure” are tests that are taken from home? Or maybe companies like @Prometric can help with this, Remote Proctoring is pretty cool!

Post Movement Control Order:

#6 – All companies who bragged about OPEN WORKING CONCEPTS are screwed…now they need to build Glass Walls around each cubicle..bhahaha

#7 – HotDesking will be the thing of the past! We hated it anyway…YAY!

#8 – Interviews will be conducted via videos – hell yeah!! We can show them, interviewers, our “good side”..haha

#9 – Someone will come up with a really good idea and make a billion bucks from this Pandemic, someone else will then sue him/her- This never gets old 😀

#10 – Why aren’t masks being sold Waterproof? We got stuck in the rain yesterday and it didn’t serve the purpose…maybe this is point #9?

Is the New Norm really what it seems to be or is it really the way things were meant to be? Whatever it is, it’s going to take some getting used to.  The New Norm or not, it’s the new world alright – The Ten X Group is here to stay through thick and thin. Are you game for the New Norm?

Visit www.thetenxgroup.com if you are looking for a C.H.A.N.G.E, and we mean a change for the B.E.T.T.E.R.

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