We envision to be the the premier service provider for affordable Employee Experience (EX) Programs globally through the positive advocation of holistic learning and development programs.

 By 2025 as the catalyst service provider in the arena of EX, our vision is to achieve the following:

Evolve as the leading service hub in the areas of Human Capital Development globally

Leader in health and wellness corporate programs through the usage of constant innovation and creativity infusing ‘fun’ as our benchmark service niche

Become the cornerstone in
“Pay-It-Forward” initiatives targeting startups and young entrepreneurs

The Ten X Mission

Improving the Customer Experience through the advocacy of the Employee Experience; Formula EX = CX (A Happy Employee Equals a Happy Customer)

Provide fitness, wellness and mental health solutions for the purpose of improving the Employee Experience

Find innovative ways to provide a fun and healthy working environment for employees globally

Provide organisations with avenues to improve their employee performance metrics through EX
Introduce a holistic approach through The Ten X methodologies in-line with designing lifestyles for financial freedom.

The Ten X Objectives

Increase Employee Engagement within the work environment

Improve Human Capital Development through professionally delivered training programs

Introduce healthy living lifestyles to employees through Ten X’s Corporate Employee Experience Fitness Program

Deliver customized EX programs to suit each of our clients business needs

Provide an overall improved
employee experience

The Ten X Values

A Positive, Fun & Enjoyable Employee Experience above all

Integrity as our core value, practiced across all levels of the organisation

Providing a transparent business model for all employees & customers

Practicing inclusivity across the organisation by accepting anyone and everyone for who they are

Always keeping the Customers & Clients needs in mind

Open to ideas across the organisation transcending hierarchical boundaries

Starting with the end in mind

Courage as our integral motivator towards achieving higher and better business performances.

Advocating positive encouragement at all times even when the times are hard

Positive investment towards technology and human capital to generate future business growth model.

When We Slack Up, We Don't Pack Up Instead We Tact Up!