Our Philosophy

Driving Positive Change For The Employee Experience​​

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In a fast-evolving business world where Service Excellence has taken precedence over everything else, The Ten X Group is a game-changing solutions provider for organizations globally towards a providing a positive employee experience. Understanding the fact that employees across the globe perform better at their tasks when they are generally happy at work is our business motivator at providing customized employee improvement programs either through delivery of affordable certification programs, employee fitness programs or even through our customized Employee Happiness Program (E-Hap™).

Ten X’s goal is to enhance each and every employee’s working experience by creating avenues for them to perform at their highest potential whilst remaining happy at work! High quality customer experience can be achieved from consistent employee engagement or more simply put
EX²(Employee Experience) = CX (Customer Experience).

The Ten X Employee Experience Journey Map

Ten X Customized Programs

Employee Experience
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Certification Programs
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