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From The Editors Desk….
The Ten X Group is a culmination of 3 firm friends who absolutely love and believe in the concept of Employee Experience. We wrote and designed every single program, word and mechanism on this website which we proudly call ours now. Realizing that we are a niche service provider,
we also understand that there are very few baselines or benchmarks that we can use as guidelines.

The Blog X section of this website is reserved for our many write-ups and journals of sorts. Our intention is to document and share every journey
 that we take as Team Ten X – let it be a rough one or a simple “walk in the park”. There is no real formula to success,
 but we’d like to share with each and every one of you – our pathway to success.

We hope you enjoy Blog X as your Sunday evening reading material and please reach out to us should you have any questions or
if even if you just wanted to debate a topic?

Our Story

What’s the New Norm?

Here’s Team Ten X’s take on what the “New Norm” is going to be like: During Movement Control Order (Extended Version): #1 – People will “appear” late for work or miss work more often with the Darnest excuses. There’s no more traffic to blame or that darn radiator or even

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Employee Experience: The new human resource management approach

Purpose Organizations must reframe their approach to how they relate to their employees. The new multi-generational workplace demands a new way of thinking about human resource management. Putting the employee’s total experience at the center produces a very different approach, beyond increasing perks or “funifying” the workplace, to engaging the

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Our Story

The Ten X Story- The X in the eXperience…

The Ten X Group were officially registered as 10 X Enterprise on September of 2019 when 3 friends discussed the lack of opportunities for working people out there to improve themselves, upgrade their skills, enjoy their work and most importantly feel gratified about their jobs. Yeah, it was a loosely

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