Ten X Gives Back!

Ten X Gives Back

The Ten X Group officially launched it’s Ten X Gives Back program as of February 28th 2020. This program was designed with the sole intention of providing Malaysians with the opportunity to obtain a professional certification during these difficult times. With COVID-19 encompassing the world as a global pandemic, as an organization, we realized that economies would stagger and companies would then see the need to downsize. The global downsizing of these companies would then lead towards the reduction of employees at some/most impacted organizations. We knew the hit was coming, but we didn’t know it would be that hard!

Ten X Gives Back promises free Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certifications for employees who have:

Lost their jobs/laid-off due to COVID-19

Are currently on Unpaid Leave (Furlough) due to COVID-19

Team Ten X strives to provide these people avenues to:

Up-skill while job-seeking

Utilize available time while on furlough efficiently by picking up a certification program

Through this program the goal is to provide these impacted individuals with hope and that sometimes, people do things without expecting anything in return! We want people to know and feel that there IS help out there!

So, if you are an employee, employer or even if you know someone who has been laid off or on unpaid leave – reach out to The Ten X Group and we promise to deliver a Free certification program with no strings attached.