Defence-X workshop for Tours by Locals

The Defence-X is the first workshop conducted by The Ten X Group for the year 2020. The objective of this workshop is to provide awareness of self-defence and understanding its fundamentals.

The Ten X Group was given the honor to host a Fundamentals to Self-Defense (Defense-X) and Nutritional Talk (Nutri-X) workshop at the Tours By Locals Kuala Lumpur Office on March 11th, 2020.

In-line with our Employee Experience tagline, both workshops were designed with the employees in mind- giving them the opportunity to work out and learn some new things away from their daily tasks at work.

Starting the day off with a simple BMR calculation class, the participants were now able to know the difference between BMI vs BMR. Team Ten X proceeded to introduce Dr. Venushya, a certified nutritionist to give a talk about nutritional habits which us many Malaysians take for granted. We concluded the day with an hour-long self-defense workout session led by our resident Martial Arts Expert Thinesh Singh.

Thank You Tours By Locals (TBL) for giving us the opportunity to go forward with this creative yet intriguing workshop for the employees. We walked out of the office amidst cheers and positive remarks from the staff from TBL.

Another bunch of Happy Employees! Have you heard of our E-Hap2 program? Are you a conscious employer who puts your employees at the forefront?

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Event Start Date: 11/03/2020
Event End Date: 11/03/2020