Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Ten X Team Member

I’m in the business of Designing Lifestyles by introducing EX solutions to large scale organisations. Essentially, employee experience refers to everything an employee experiences at work—their interactions with their boss, their software, their teams, and hundreds of other things. It’s a holistic term that considers the full spectrum of an employee’s experiences throughout their entire time at a company.

My goal with the TenX Group is to develop ideas and provide innovative solutions to organisations around the globe to better improve their Employee Experiences (EX). We provide health programs, wellness programs, financial solutions/advise, development workshops or simply by creating a fun environment within mundane working environments!

Are your employees bored at work?
Does your organisation have high unplanned leaves?
Has there been an increase in your tardiness instances?
Do you want to turn things around?

The TenX Group – Designing Lifestyles – For a Better You

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